Vietnamese Musical Instruments

Monochord zither

Monochord zither is original musical instrument of Vietnam. Vietnamsese name is Dan Bau or Doc Huyen Cam. It made by wood. The string length was throughout the body. Left side of this musical instrument has a half of a gourd. The string was also connected to the gourd. It made the musical instrument has more loudness.

The song named Autumn rain drop which played with Monochord zither


Bamboo xylophone – T ‘ Rưng

It was a musical instrument of nationalisms on mountains in middle of Vietnam. It made by dry woods withour cover or bamboo. People cut them to different length woods or bammboos, so it could make different sound and used a bamboo stick to dum.



Lithophone – Dan Da

It was a longest musical instrument in Vietnam, maybe 3000 year ago.  It was belong to xylophone, metallophone. It made by many stones. Each stone has different size and figure, and simple cut.

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